Champward Epoxy
Epoxy Resin Paint CNS Certificate
Tar Epoxy Resin Paint CNS Certificate
Epoxy Injection Material CNS Certificate


Epoxy Primer
     To strengthen adhesiveness between concrete substrate and Epoxy.


Epoxy Pactching Materials
     High viscous and non-sagging for patching and leveling depressions or cracks
     of Epoxy or concrete substrate.


Epoxy Sand-Filled Mortar
     Playing as laminating coating for glass fiber mats or use as  mortar by adding
     silica sand


Epoxy Floor Base Coating
     Two component un-pigmented Epoxy resin, Self-leveling
     floor coating.


Epoxy Laminating Coating
     Two component solvent-free Epoxy resin, strong impact 


Epoxy Floor Coating
     Two component solvent free Epoxy resin, self-leveling
     top coating.


Epoxy Finish
     Two component solvent-borne Epoxy finish for rough or smooth surface.


Epoxy Paint
     Two component solvent-borne Epoxy paint for wall.


Asphalt Epoxy Paint
     Asphalt base Epoxy resin, excellent acid and alkali resistance.


Epoxy Conductive Coating
     Epoxy Conductive Coating is applied to maintain durable conductivity in for
     abrasion and impact resistant floor.


Epoxy for Building Repair & Reinforcement
     Epoxy resins for building structure reinforcement.


Aqueous Epoxy
     Two component water base Epoxy resin. Water solvable.


     Xylene, thinner of resins and cleaner of tools.