Champward Polyurethane  

PU Sports Surfaces Coatings
Most popular athletic installation materials, widely adopted by the Olympic and most regional or national official games.  Materials cured to be a hard-wear resilient elastomer to offer best sport places for athlete with pleasure and performance.


PU Waterproofing Paints
Two component and chemical reaction curing polymers which result in a water
 impermeable elastic  membrane with excellent
aging stable ability.


PU Water Barrier
Foamed immediately when meet water and caused barriers for water
permeating in the underground constructions.


PU Sealant for building Joints
Superior and durable adhesive to both surfaces and flexible enough to follow expansions and contractions of joints and movements of buildings.


PU Floor Coatings
Seamless highly tough and flexible synthetic floors with safety and hygiene functions.Versatile systems are made to meet customer's specific requirements.


Xylene, thinner of resins and cleaner of tools.