Champward CW-200 Systems
Building Joint Sealing

   Building joint sealing is one of most  common problems in construction industrial. 
   PU sealant itself has excellent properties of preventing the migration of moisture and
   water, adhering tightly to both surfaces, and forming a joint by chemical reactions,
   that is stable under all environmental conditions. 
   When properly designed and applied, CW-200 Systems can perform under a wide
   range of climatic conditions, have superior and durable adhesive properties, stay
   flexible enough to follow the movements of the building without stressing the joint,
   and be no loss of adhesion even when different materials or large dimensional parts
   are used or where expansion and contraction with wide temperature variation.
   Building joint sealing should be well designed and installed in the following key 
   1. Concrete Floor Expansion Joints
   2. Concrete Floor Corner
   3. Wall Expansion Joints
   4. Corner of Wall
   5. Roof Short Walls Expansion Joints
   6. New and old walls connection