Glass-Reinforced Surfaces Systems include:  
  Champard CX-501 SC System  
Swimming Pool  

Colored epoxy coatings and glass fiber hand lay-up embedding system which is suitable for exterior coatings of swimming pool, water pond, surfaces of water recreation facilities, etc.

  Champward CX-502 BC System  
Collection Basins  

Asphalt-Base Epoxy Coatings reinforced by glass fiber lay-up, suitable for coating and lining of waste collection basins and drainages.

  Champward CX-503 DC System  
Food Storage & Pickle Basins  

Non-toxic Epoxy coating and glass fiber reinforced system which is suitable for coating and lining of pickle, brew and storage basin or tanks in food and and beverage industries.

  Champward CX-504 KC System  
Acid & Alkali Resistance Surfacing  

Vinyl Ester resin and glass fiber reinforced, excellent resistance to chemicals and highly anti-acid and anti-alkali abilities.