Seamless Resilience Floors Systems include:  
  Champward CW-401 MF System  
Multi-Purpose PU Floor  

Solid PU floor,  poured-in-place system, completely seamless, rigid and  elastic, hard wear, dust free, easy to clean, sound insulation, and moisture and water impermeable.  To comply with various user's requirements, the hardness of PU Floor Top Coating ranges from Shore A 70 up to above Shore D 50.  The System is suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Multi-Purpose Floor for various activities and evens.

  Champward CW-365 SF System  
Safety Floor  

Poured-in-place system, surface layer is made of clear PU binder and colored EPDM or PU granules to form a highly resilient and safety floor for  children and senior people to play and exercise.

  Champward CW-402.21 System  
Sand-Textured Elastic Floor  

Multiple floor coats applied in site.  Very strong and hard wearing resistance, resilience, comfortable walking, and sound insulation.  Especially designed for floors in golf amenities, parade grounds, and helicopter pads, etc.

  Champward CW-402.22 System  
Equine Floor  

Multiple floor coats which specially designed with characteristics to comply with comfortable walking, tranquil for rest, and hygiene requirements of horse stable, walk ways, or operation and recovery rooms of veterinary hospitals.

  Champward CW-403 DF System  
Roof Parking Deck  

Epoxy priming to tightly adhere to substrate, highly abrasive resistant PU floor top coating and sand textured finishing to form a hard wear, non-slippery, and sound insulated surface for vehicle moving and parking.  With its in-built waterproofing and comfortable to walk capability, the System is most suitable for parking deck in roof, ramps, or any public area.

  Champward CW-404 RF System  
  Seclusion Room  

Extremely strong shock absorption, seamless hard elastic and flame retardant, the System is designed with these features to form a special safety surface for wherever a reliable body safekeeping is required,  especially for the seclusion rooms and the therapy rooms in psychiatrist hospital, penitentiary, or prisons, etc.