Champward CW-364 PS System
Structural Spray

   The performance specifications of the System is accredited with the IAAF Certified Product
 for track surface.




  Synthetic Surface of Champward CW-364 PS System

   Schematic Sections:

   This System use one-component moisture-curing PU binder to mix with rubber crumbs and
   spread by paving machine.  After cure, athletic track finish coatings which containing fine
   PU aggregates are sprayed by a suitable spray machine.  This System is porous and
   substantially cost saving although less durable in use.  When well-installed and properly
   maintained, the product life can be expected more than 5 years.  The performance
   specifications of the System is tested by IAAF certified laboratory and accredited with the
   IAAF Certified Product for track surface.
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