Champward CW-363 CS System

   The performance specifications of the System is accredited with the IAAF Certified Product
 for track surface.





Synthetic Surface of Champward CW-363 CS System

   Schematic Sections:

   This is a double-decker poured-in-site and non-porous system.  A base layer of 9 mm
   prefabricated rubber mat is laid and, after sealing and leveling, a granular textured surface
   of 3 - 5 mm is to install. After finish, the System has a same appearance as Full Pour
   System but much more economic in cost.  When well-installed and properly maintained,
   a life span of 5 to 6 years can be expected.  The performance specifications of this System
   is tested by IAAF certified laboratory and accredited with the IAAF Certified Product for track
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