Champward CW-362 RS System
Full Pour

   The performance specifications of the System is accredited with the IAAF Certified Product 
  for track surface.




Synthetic Surface of Champward CW-362 RS System

   Schematic Sections:

    This is a poured-in-site and non-porous Full Polyurethane System.  The base layer is
    installed by two methods: one, paved by adding rubber crumbs into well-mixed PU
    coatings and spread by notched squeegee or pave machine to control thickness; and the
    other one is spreading PU coating and broadcast rubber crumbs when wet and, after
    cure, removing those un-bound crumbs, repeat same procedure until the needed thickness
    reached.  After completion of the base layer, a granular texture surface of  3-5 mm is then
    installed.  When well-installed and properly maintained, a life span of 8 to 10 years can be
    expected.  The performance specifications of this System is  tested by IAAF certified
    laboratory and accredited with the IAAF Certified   Product for track surface.
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