Champward CW-361 FS System
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   The performance specifications of the System is accredited with the IAAF Certified Product 
  for track surface.












Synthetic Surface of Champward CW-361 FS System

   Schematic Sections:

    Poured-in-site system contains a base layer of about 10mm thickness paved by mixing two
    components of PU coatings.  After curing, a granular textured finish of 3 - 5mm thickness is
    installed.  This system is strong,  durable, and conforms to IAAF's "Performance
    Specifications for Synthetic Surfaced Athletic Tracks".  When well-installed and properly
    maintained, a life span of 8 to 10 years can be expected.
    Need further information like "Materials Calculation Sheet" or "Installation Procedure",
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